public abstract getBoundingBox()

Returns the bounding box of the Geometry

  • return \BoundingBoxInterface
public abstract getCoordinate()

Returns a vertex of this Geometry (usually, but not necessarily, the first one).

The returned coordinate should not be assumed to be an actual Coordinate object used in
the internal representation.

  • return \Coordinate if there's a coordinate in the collection
  • return null if this Geometry is empty
public abstract getCoordinates()

Returns a collection containing the values of all the vertices for this geometry.

If the geometry is a composite, the array will contain all the vertices
for the components, in the order in which the components occur in the geometry.

  • return \CoordinateCollection the vertices of this Geometry
public abstract getEllipsoid()

Returns the ellipsoid of the geometry.

  • return \Ellipsoid
public abstract getGeometryType()

Returns the geometry type.

  • return string
public abstract getPrecision()

Returns the precision of the geometry.

  • return int
public abstract isEmpty()

Returns true if the geometry is empty.

  • return bool
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