Vertex interface

public abstract getFrom()

Get the origin coordinate.

  • return \CoordinateInterface
public abstract getGradient()

Get the gradient (slope) of the vertex.

  • return int
public abstract getOrdinateIntercept()

Get the ordinate (longitude) of the point where vertex intersects with the ordinate-axis (Prime-Meridian) of the coordinate system.

  • return int
public abstract getTo()

Get the destination coordinate.

  • return \CoordinateInterface
public abstract setFrom(League\Geotools\Coordinate\CoordinateInterface $from)

Set the origin coordinate.

  • param \CoordinateInterface $from The origin coordinate.
  • return \VertexInterface
public abstract setTo(League\Geotools\Coordinate\CoordinateInterface $to)

Set the destination coordinate.

  • param \CoordinateInterface $to The destination coordinate.
  • return \VertexInterface
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