Coordinate Interface

public abstract getEllipsoid()

Get the Ellipsoid.

  • return \Ellipsoid
public abstract getLatitude()

Get the latitude.

  • return string
public abstract getLongitude()

Get the longitude.

  • return string
public abstract normalizeLatitude( $latitude)

Normalizes a latitude to the (-90, 90) range.

Latitudes below -90.0 or above 90.0 degrees are capped, not wrapped.

  • param float $latitude The latitude to normalize
  • return string
public abstract normalizeLongitude( $longitude)

Normalizes a longitude to the (-180, 180) range.

Longitudes below -180.0 or abode 180.0 degrees are wrapped.

  • param float $longitude The longitude to normalize
  • return string
public abstract setLatitude( $latitude)

Set the latitude.

  • param float $latitude
public abstract setLongitude( $longitude)

Set the longitude.

  • param float $longitude
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