BatchGeocoded class

public __call( $method, $args)

Router all other methods call directly to our address object

public fromArray(array $data = [])

Create an instance from an array, used from cache libraries.

public getAddress()
public getCoordinates()

Returns an array of coordinates (latitude, longitude).

public getExceptionMessage()

Get the exception message.

public getLatitude()

Returns the latitude value.

public getLongitude()

Returns the longitude value.

public getProviderName()

Get the name of the provider.

public getQuery()

Get the query.

public setAddress( $address)

Set the address

public setExceptionMessage( $exception)

Set the exception message.

public setProviderName( $providerName)

Set the name of the provider.

public setQuery( $query)

Set the query.

protected $address
protected $exception

The exception message.

protected $providerName

The name of the provider.

protected $query
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