public __construct(League\CommonMark\Parser\Cursor $contents, League\CommonMark\Node\Block\AbstractBlock $container, League\CommonMark\Reference\ReferenceMapInterface $referenceMap)
public getContainer() : League\CommonMark\Node\Block\AbstractBlock
public getCursor() : League\CommonMark\Parser\Cursor
public getDelimiterStack() : League\CommonMark\Delimiter\DelimiterStack
public getFullMatch() : string
  • return string The full text that matched the InlineParserMatch definition
public getFullMatchLength() : int
  • return int The length of the full match (in characters, not bytes)
public getMatches() : array
  • return string[] Similar to preg_match(), index 0 will contain the full match, and any other array elements will be captured sub-matches
  • psalm-return non-empty-array
public getReferenceMap() : League\CommonMark\Reference\ReferenceMapInterface
public getSubMatches() : array
  • return string[]
public withMatches(array $matches) : League\CommonMark\Parser\InlineParserContext
  • param string[] $matches
  • psalm-param non-empty-array<string> $matches
private League\CommonMark\Node\Block\AbstractBlock $container
  • psalm-readonly
private League\CommonMark\Parser\Cursor $cursor
  • psalm-readonly
private League\CommonMark\Delimiter\DelimiterStack $delimiterStack
  • psalm-readonly
private array $matches
  • var string[]
  • psalm-var non-empty-array
  • psalm-readonly-allow-private-mutation
private League\CommonMark\Reference\ReferenceMapInterface $referenceMap
  • psalm-readonly
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