Interface for a block continuation parser

A block continue parser can only handle a single block instance. The current block being parsed is stored within this parser and can be returned once parsing has completed. If you need to parse multiple block continuations, instantiate a new parser for each one.

public abstract addLine(string $line) : void

Add the given line of text to the current block

public abstract canContain(League\CommonMark\Node\Block\AbstractBlock $childBlock) : bool

Determine whether the current block being parsed can contain the given child block

public abstract canHaveLazyContinuationLines() : bool

Return whether we are interested in possibly lazily parsing any subsequent lines

public abstract closeBlock() : void

Close and finalize the current block

public abstract getBlock() : League\CommonMark\Node\Block\AbstractBlock

Return the current block being parsed by this parser

public abstract isContainer() : bool

Return whether we are parsing a container block

public abstract tryContinue(League\CommonMark\Parser\Cursor $cursor, League\CommonMark\Parser\Block\BlockContinueParserInterface $activeBlockParser) : ?League\CommonMark\Parser\Block\BlockContinue

Attempt to parse the given line

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