Object for storing a list of unfolded iCalendar lines (ZCiCalDataNode objects)

public array $child

Array of children for this node

public array $data

Array of $data for this node

public string $name

The name of the node

public ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalNode $next

Next sibling of this node

public ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalNode $parentnode

The parent of this node

public ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalNode $prev

Previous sibling of this node

public __construct(string $_name, ?ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalNode $_parent, bool $first = false)

Create ZCiCalNode

public addNode(ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalDataNode $node) : ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalNode

Add node to list

public export(?ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalNode $node = NULL, int $level = 0) : string

export tree to icalendar format

public getAttrib(int $i) : string

Get Attribute

public getFirstChild() : ?ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalNode

Get the first child of this object

public getName() : string

Return the name of the object

public getParent() : ?ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalNode

Get the parent object of this object

public printDataLine(ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalDataNode $d, string $p) : string

print an attribute line

public printTree(?ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalNode $node = NULL, int $level = 1) : string

Print object tree in HTML for debugging purposes

public setAttrib(string $value) : ICalendarOrg\ZCiCalNode

Set Attribute

protected array $attrib
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