• internal
  • since
public $lastIndex
  • var int
public __construct( $caseInsensitive)
    public _buildModeRegex( $mode)
    • internal
    • return self
    public exec( $s)
    • return RegExMatch|null
    private $caseInsensitive
    • var bool
    private $matchAt
    • var int
    private $matcherRe
    • var RegEx|null
    private $matchIndexes
    • var array
    private $mode
    private $regexes
    • var array>
    private addRule( $rule, $regex)
    • return void
    private joinRe( $regexps, $separator)

    joinRe logically computes regexps.join(separator), but fixes the
    backreferences so they continue to match.

    it also places each individual regular expression into it's own
    match group, keeping track of the sequencing of those match groups
    is currently an exercise for the caller. :-)

    • return string
    private langRe( $value, $global = false)
    private reCountMatchGroups( $re)
    • return int
    private reStr( $re)
    • return mixed
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