Formats log messages using variable substitutions for requests, responses,
and other transactional data.

The following variable substitutions are supported:

  • {request}: Full HTTP request message
  • {response}: Full HTTP response message
  • {ts}: ISO 8601 date in GMT
  • {date_iso_8601} ISO 8601 date in GMT
  • {date_common_log} Apache common log date using the configured timezone.
  • {host}: Host of the request
  • {method}: Method of the request
  • {uri}: URI of the request
  • {version}: Protocol version
  • {target}: Request target of the request (path + query + fragment)
  • {hostname}: Hostname of the machine that sent the request
  • {code}: Status code of the response (if available)
  • {phrase}: Reason phrase of the response (if available)
  • {error}: Any error messages (if available)
  • {reqheader}: Replace `` with the lowercased name of a request header to add to the message
  • {resheader}: Replace `` with the lowercased name of a response header to add to the message
  • {req_headers}: Request headers
  • {res_headers}: Response headers
  • {req_body}: Request body
  • {res_body}: Response body
  • final
Cloneable Instantiable
public GuzzleHttp\MessageFormatter ::CLF = '{hostname} {req_header_User-Agent} - [{date_common_log}] "{method} {target} HTTP/{version}" {code} {res_header_Content-Length}'

Apache Common Log Format.

public GuzzleHttp\MessageFormatter ::DEBUG = '>>>>>>>> {request} <<<<<<<< {response} -------- {error}'
public GuzzleHttp\MessageFormatter ::SHORT = '[{ts}] "{method} {target} HTTP/{version}" {code}'
public __construct ( ? string $template = '{hostname} {req_header_User-Agent} - [{date_common_log}] "{method} {target} HTTP/{version}" {code} {res_header_Content-Length}' self::CLF)
  • param string $template Log message template
public format ( Psr\Http\Message\RequestInterface $request , ? Psr\Http\Message\ResponseInterface $response = NULL , ? Throwable $error = NULL ) : string

Returns a formatted message string.

  • param RequestInterface $request Request that was sent
  • param ResponseInterface | null $response Response that was received
  • param Throwable | null $error Exception that was received
private $template
  • var string Template used to format log messages
private headers ( Psr\Http\Message\MessageInterface $message ) : string

Get headers from message as string

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