Returns an asynchronous response using curlmulti* functions.

When using the CurlMultiHandler, custom curl options can be specified as an
associative array of curl option constants mapping to values in the
curl key of the provided request options.

  • property resource $_mh Internal use only. Lazy loaded multi-handle.
public __construct(array $options = [])

This handler accepts the following options:

  • handle_factory: An optional factory used to create curl handles
  • select_timeout: Optional timeout (in seconds) to block before timing
    out while selecting curl handles. Defaults to 1 second.
  • options: An associative array of CURLMOPT_* options and
    corresponding values for curl_multi_setopt()
    public __destruct()
    public __get( $name)
    public __invoke(Psr\Http\Message\RequestInterface $request, array $options)
    public execute()

    Runs until all outstanding connections have completed.

    public tick()

    Ticks the curl event loop.

    private $active
    private $delays
    private $factory
    private $handles
    private $options
    private $selectTimeout
    private addRequest(array $entry)
    private cancel( $id)

    Cancels a handle from sending and removes references to it.

    • return bool True on success, false on failure.
    private processMessages()
    private timeToNext()
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