Exception thrown when a connection cannot be established.

Note that no response is present for a ConnectException

public __construct(string $message, Psr\Http\Message\RequestInterface $request, ?Throwable $previous = NULL, array $handlerContext = [])
public Exception::__toString() : string
public Exception::__wakeup()
public final Exception::getCode()
public final Exception::getFile() : string
public getHandlerContext() : array

Get contextual information about the error from the underlying handler.

The contents of this array will vary depending on which handler you are
using. It may also be just an empty array. Relying on this data will
couple you to a specific handler, but can give more debug information
when needed.

public final Exception::getLine() : int
public final Exception::getMessage() : string
public final Exception::getPrevious() : ?Throwable
public getRequest() : Psr\Http\Message\RequestInterface

Get the request that caused the exception

public final Exception::getTrace() : array
public final Exception::getTraceAsString() : string
protected Exception::$code = 0
protected string Exception::$file = ''
protected int Exception::$line = 0
protected Exception::$message = ''
private $handlerContext = NULL
  • var array
private $request = NULL
  • var \RequestInterface
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