Persists cookies in the client session

Cloneable Instantiable Iterable
public __construct ( string $sessionKey , bool $storeSessionCookies = false )

Create a new SessionCookieJar object

  • param bool $strictMode Set to true to throw exceptions when invalid cookies are added to the cookie jar.
  • param array $cookieArray Array of SetCookie objects or a hash of arrays that can be used with the SetCookie constructor
  • param bool $storeSessionCookies Set to true to store session cookies in the cookie jar.
public __destruct ()

Saves cookies to session when shutting down

public save () : void

Save cookies to the client session

protected load () : void

Load the contents of the client session into the data array

private $sessionKey
  • var string session key
private $storeSessionCookies
  • var bool Control whether to persist session cookies or not.
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