Protobuf type google.api.servicemanagement.v1.ConfigFile.FileType

public Google\Cloud\ServiceManagement\V1\ConfigFile\FileType::FILE_DESCRIPTOR_SET_PROTO = 4
FileDescriptorSet, generated by protoc.

To generate, use protoc with imports and source info included.
For an example test.proto file, the following command would put the value
in a new file named out.pb.
$protoc --include_imports --include_source_info test.proto -o out.pb

Generated from protobuf enum FILE_DESCRIPTOR_SET_PROTO = 4;

public Google\Cloud\ServiceManagement\V1\ConfigFile\FileType::FILE_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED = 0
Unknown file type.

Generated from protobuf enum FILE_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED = 0;

public Google\Cloud\ServiceManagement\V1\ConfigFile\FileType::OPEN_API_JSON = 2
OpenAPI specification, serialized in JSON.

Generated from protobuf enum OPEN_API_JSON = 2;

public Google\Cloud\ServiceManagement\V1\ConfigFile\FileType::OPEN_API_YAML = 3
OpenAPI specification, serialized in YAML.

Generated from protobuf enum OPEN_API_YAML = 3;

public Google\Cloud\ServiceManagement\V1\ConfigFile\FileType::PROTO_FILE = 6
Uncompiled Proto file. Used for storage and display purposes only, currently server-side compilation is not supported. Should match the inputs to 'protoc' command used to generated FILE_DESCRIPTOR_SET_PROTO. A file of this type can only be included if at least one file of type FILE_DESCRIPTOR_SET_PROTO is included.

Generated from protobuf enum PROTO_FILE = 6;

public Google\Cloud\ServiceManagement\V1\ConfigFile\FileType::SERVICE_CONFIG_YAML = 1
YAML-specification of service.

Generated from protobuf enum SERVICE_CONFIG_YAML = 1;

public static name( $value)
public static value( $name)
private static $valueToName
private static $valueToName
public static name( $value)
public static value( $name)
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