Google Cloud Platform is a set of modular cloud-based services that allow you
to create anything from simple websites to complex applications.

This API aims to expose access to these services in a way that is intuitive
and easy to use for PHP enthusiasts. The ServiceBuilder instance exposes
factory methods which grant access to the various services contained within
the API.

Configuration is simple. Pass in an array of configuration options to the
constructor up front which can be shared between clients or specify the
options for the specific services you wish to access, e.g. Datastore, or

Please note that unless otherwise noted the examples below take advantage of
Application Default Credentials.

public __construct(array $config = [])

Pass in an array of configuration options which will be shared between


use Google\Cloud\Core\ServiceBuilder;

$cloud = new ServiceBuilder([
    'projectId' => 'myAwesomeProject'
    public bigQuery(array $config = [])

    Google Cloud BigQuery allows you to create, manage, share and query
    data. Find more information at the
    Google Cloud BigQuery Docs.


    $bigQuery = $cloud->bigQuery();
    • return BigQueryClient
    public datastore(array $config = [])

    Google Cloud Datastore is a highly-scalable NoSQL database for your
    applications. Find more information at the
    Google Cloud Datastore docs.


    $datastore = $cloud->datastore();
    • return DatastoreClient
    public firestore(array $config = [])

    Cloud Firestore is a flexible, scalable, realtime database for mobile,
    web, and server development. Find more information at the
    Google Cloud firestore docs.


    $firestore = $cloud->firestore();
    • return FirestoreClient
    public language(array $config = [])

    Google Cloud Natural Language provides natural language understanding
    technologies to developers, including sentiment analysis, entity
    recognition, and syntax analysis. Currently only English, Spanish,
    and Japanese textual context are supported. Find more information at the
    Google Cloud Natural Language docs.


    $language = $cloud->language();
    • return LanguageClient
    public logging(array $config = [])

    Google Stackdriver Logging allows you to store, search, analyze, monitor,
    and alert on log data and events from Google Cloud Platform and Amazon
    Web Services. Find more information at the
    Google Stackdriver Logging docs.


    $logging = $cloud->logging();
    • return LoggingClient
    public pubsub(array $config = [])

    Google Cloud Pub/Sub allows you to send and receive messages between
    independent applications. Find more information at the
    Google Cloud Pub/Sub docs.


    $pubsub = $cloud->pubsub();
    • return PubSubClient
    public spanner(array $config = [])

    Google Cloud Spanner is a highly scalable, transactional, managed, NewSQL
    database service. Find more information at
    Google Cloud Spanner API docs.


    $spanner = $cloud->spanner();
    • return SpannerClient
    public speech(array $config = [])

    Google Cloud Speech enables easy integration of Google speech recognition
    technologies into developer applications. Send audio and receive a text
    transcription from the Cloud Speech API service. Find more information at
    the Google Cloud Speech API docs.


    $speech = $cloud->speech([
        'languageCode' => 'en-US'
    • return SpeechClient
    public storage(array $config = [])

    Google Cloud Storage allows you to store and retrieve data on Google's
    infrastructure. Find more information at the
    Google Cloud Storage API docs.


    $storage = $cloud->storage();
    • return StorageClient
    public trace(array $config = [])

    Google Stackdriver Trace allows you to collect latency data from your applications
    and display it in the Google Cloud Platform Console. Find more information at
    Stackdriver Trace API docs.


    $trace = $cloud->trace();
    • return TraceClient
    public translate(array $config = [])

    Google Cloud Translation provides the ability to dynamically translate
    text between thousands of language pairs and lets websites and programs
    integrate with translation service programmatically.

    The Google Cloud Translation API is available as a paid
    service. See the Pricing
    and FAQ pages for details.
    Find more information at the the
    Google Cloud Translation docs.

    Please note that while the Google Cloud Translation API supports
    authentication via service account and application default credentials
    like other Cloud Platform APIs, it also supports authentication via a
    public API access key. If you wish to authenticate using an API key,
    follow the
    before you begin
    instructions to learn how to generate a key.


    use Google\Cloud\Core\ServiceBuilder;
    $builder = new ServiceBuilder([
        'key' => 'YOUR_KEY'
    $translate = $builder->translate();
    • return TranslateClient
    public vision(array $config = [])

    Google Cloud Vision allows you to understand the content of an image,
    classify images into categories, detect text, objects, faces and more.

    Find more information at the
    Google Cloud Vision docs.


    $vision = $cloud->vision();
    • return VisionClient
    private $config
    • var array Configuration options to be used between clients.
    private createClient( $class, $packageName, array $config = [])

    Create the client library, or error if not installed.

      private resolveConfig(array $config)

      Resolves configuration options.

      • return array
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