Provides basic array helper methods.

private arrayFilterRemoveNull(array $arr)
Just like array_filter(), but preserves falsey values except null.

  • return array
private arrayMergeRecursive(array $array1, array $array2)
A method, similar to PHP's `array_merge_recursive`, with two differences.

  1. Keys in $array2 take precedence over keys in $array1.
  2. Non-array keys found in both inputs are not transformed into an array
    and appended. Rather, the value in $array2 is used.
  • return array
private isAssoc(array $arr)
Determine whether given array is associative.

  • return bool
private pluck( $key, array $arr, $isRequired = true)
Pluck a value out of an array.

  • return mixed
  • throws InvalidArgumentException
private pluckArray(array $keys, $arr)
Pluck a subset of an array.

  • return array
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