This trait fulfills the
\Iterator interface and
returns results from a paged set one at a time.

public __construct(Iterator $pageIterator)
    public current()

    Get the current item.

    • return mixed
    public iterateByPage()

    Iterate over the results on a per page basis.

    • return Iterator
    public key()

    Get the key current item's key.

    • return int
    public next()

    Advances to the next item.

    • return null
    public nextResultToken()

    Fetch the token used to get the next set of results.

    • return string|null
    public rewind()

    Rewind the iterator.

    • return null
    public valid()

    Determines if the current position is valid.

    • return bool
    private $pageIndex
    • var int
    private $pageIterator
    • var Iterator
    private $position
    • var int
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