ConfigStorageInterface implementation with SystemV IPC shared memory.

  • experimental The experimental flag means that while we believe this method or class is ready for use, it may change before release in backwards- incompatible ways. Please use with caution, and test thoroughly when upgrading.
public Google\Cloud\Core\Batch\SysvConfigStorage::DEFAULT_PERM = 384
public Google\Cloud\Core\Batch\SysvConfigStorage::DEFAULT_PROJECT = 'A'
public Google\Cloud\Core\Batch\SysvConfigStorage::DEFAULT_SHM_SIZE = 200000
public Google\Cloud\Core\Batch\SysvConfigStorage::VAR_KEY = 1
public __construct()

Prepare the key for semaphore and shared memory.

public clear()

Clear the JobConfig from storage.

public load()

Load a JobConfig from the storage.

public lock()

Acquire a lock.

  • return bool
public save(Google\Cloud\Core\Batch\JobConfig $config)

Save the given JobConfig.

  • return bool
  • throws RuntimeException when failed to attach to the shared memory or serialization fails
public unlock()

Release a lock.

  • return bool
private $perm
private $project
private $semid
private $shmSize
private $sysvKey
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