A class for retrying the failed items.

  • experimental The experimental flag means that while we believe this method or class is ready for use, it may change before release in backwards- incompatible ways. Please use with caution, and test thoroughly when upgrading.
public __construct(?Google\Cloud\Core\Batch\BatchRunner $runner = NULL)
Initialize a BatchRunner and $failureFile.

    public handleFailure( $idNum, array $items)
    Save the items to the failureFile. We silently abandon the items upon failures in this method because there's nothing we can do.

      public retryAll()
      Retry all the failed items.

      private $baseDir

      • var string Base directory for the failure files.
      private $failureFile

      • var string A filename to save the failed items.
      private $runner
      private getFailedFiles()
      Get all the filenames for the failure files.

      • return array Filenames for all the failure files.
      private initFailureFile()
      Determine the failureFile.

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