A trait to assist in the registering and processing of batch jobs.

  • experimental The experimental flag means that while we believe this method or class is ready for use, it may change before release in backwards- incompatible ways. Please use with caution, and test thoroughly when upgrading.
public flush()

Flushes items in the batch queue that have yet to be delivered. Please
note this will have no effect when using the batch daemon.

  • return bool
public send(array $items)

Deliver a list of items in a batch call.

  • return bool
  • access private
protected abstract getCallback()

Returns an array representation of a callback which will be used to write
batch items.

  • return array
private $batchMethod
  • var string
private $batchOptions
  • var array
private $batchRunner
private $clientConfig
  • var array
private $closureSerializer
  • var ClosureSerializerInterface|null
private $debugOutput
  • var bool
private $debugOutputResource
  • var resource
private $identifier
  • var string
private getDefaultClosureSerializer()
  • return ClosureSerializerInterface|null
private getUnwrappedClientConfig()
  • return array
private setCommonBatchProperties(array $options = [])
  • throws InvalidArgumentException
private setSerializableClientOptions(array $options)
    private setWrappedClientConfig(array $options)
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