SystemV shared memory based CacheItemPool implementation.

This CacheItemPool implementation can be used among multiple processes, but
it doesn't provide any locking mechanism. If multiple processes write to
this ItemPool, you have to avoid race condition manually in your code.

public Google\Auth\Cache\SysVCacheItemPool::DEFAULT_MEMSIZE = 10000
public Google\Auth\Cache\SysVCacheItemPool::DEFAULT_PERM = 384
public Google\Auth\Cache\SysVCacheItemPool::DEFAULT_PROJ = 'A'
public Google\Auth\Cache\SysVCacheItemPool::VAR_KEY = 1
public __construct( $options = [])
Create a SystemV shared memory based CacheItemPool.

    public clear()

    public commit()

    public deleteItem( $key)

    public deleteItems(array $keys)

    public getItem( $key)

    public getItems(array $keys = [])

    public hasItem( $key)

    public save(Psr\Cache\CacheItemInterface $item)

    public saveDeferred(Psr\Cache\CacheItemInterface $item)

    private $deferredItems

    • var CacheItemInterface[]
    private $hasLoadedItems
    private $items

    • var CacheItemInterface[]
    private $options

    • var array
    private $sysvKey

    • var int
    private loadItems()
    Load the items from the shared memory.

    • return bool true when success, false upon failure
    private saveCurrentItems()
    Save the current items.

    • return bool true when success, false upon failure
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