A Page object wraps an API list method response and provides methods
to retrieve additional pages using the page token.

public Google\ApiCore\Page::FINAL_PAGE_TOKEN = ''
public __construct(Google\ApiCore\Call $call, array $options, callable $callable, Google\ApiCore\PageStreamingDescriptor $pageStreamingDescriptor, Google\Protobuf\Internal\Message $response)

Page constructor.

    public expandToFixedSizeCollection( $collectionSize)

    Returns a collection of elements with a fixed size set by
    the collectionSize parameter. The collection will only contain
    fewer than collectionSize elements if there are no more
    pages to be retrieved from the server.

    NOTE: it is an error to call this method if an optional parameter
    to set the page size is not supported or has not been set in the
    API call that was used to create this page. It is also an error
    if the collectionSize parameter is less than the page size that
    has been set.

    public getIterator()

    Return an iterator over the elements in the response.

    • return Generator
    public getNextPage( $pageSize = NULL)

    Retrieves the next Page object using the next page token.

    public getNextPageToken()

    Returns the next page token from the response.

    • return string
    public getPageElementCount()

    Return the number of elements in the response.

    • return int
    public getRequestObject()

    Gets the request object used to generate the Page.

    • return mixed|\Message
    public getResponseObject()

    Gets the API response object.

    • return mixed|\Message
    public hasNextPage()

    Returns true if there are more pages that can be retrieved from the

    • return bool
    public iteratePages()

    Return an iterator over Page objects, beginning with this object.

    Additional Page objects are retrieved lazily via API calls until
    all elements have been retrieved.

    private $call
    private $callable
    private $options
    private $pageStreamingDescriptor
    private $pageToken
    private $response
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