Response object from a long running API method.

The OperationResponse object is returned by API methods that perform
a long running operation. It provides methods that can be used to
poll the status of the operation, retrieve the results, and cancel
the operation.

To support a long running operation, the server must implement the
Operations API, which is used by the OperationResponse object. If
more control is required, it is possible to make calls against the
Operations API directly instead of via the OperationResponse object
using an OperationsClient instance.

public Google\ApiCore\OperationResponse::DEFAULT_MAX_POLLING_DURATION = 0
public Google\ApiCore\OperationResponse::DEFAULT_MAX_POLLING_INTERVAL = 60000
public Google\ApiCore\OperationResponse::DEFAULT_POLLING_INTERVAL = 1000
public Google\ApiCore\OperationResponse::DEFAULT_POLLING_MULTIPLIER = 2
public __construct( $operationName, $operationsClient, $options = [])

OperationResponse constructor.

    public cancel()

    Starts asynchronous cancellation on a long-running operation. The server
    makes a best effort to cancel the operation, but success is not
    guaranteed. If the server doesn't support this method, it will throw an
    ApiException with code \Google\Rpc\Code::UNIMPLEMENTED. Clients can continue
    to use reload and pollUntilComplete methods to check whether the cancellation
    succeeded or whether the operation completed despite cancellation.

    On successful cancellation, the operation is not deleted; instead, it becomes
    an operation with a getError() value with a \Google\Rpc\Status code of 1,
    corresponding to \Google\Rpc\Code::CANCELLED.

    public delete()

    Delete the long-running operation. This method indicates that the client is
    no longer interested in the operation result. It does not cancel the operation.

    If the server doesn't support this method, it will throw an ApiException with
    code \Google\Rpc\Code::UNIMPLEMENTED.

    public getDescriptorOptions()

    Get an array containing the values of 'operationReturnType', 'metadataReturnType', and
    the polling options initialPollDelayMillis, pollDelayMultiplier, maxPollDelayMillis,
    and totalPollTimeoutMillis. The array can be passed as the $options argument to the
    constructor when creating another OperationResponse object.

    • return array
    public getError()

    If the operation failed, return the status. If operationFailed() is false, return null.

    • return Status|null The status of the operation in case of failure, or null if operationFailed() is false.
    public getLastProtoResponse()
    • return Operation|null The last Operation object received from the server.
    public getMetadata()

    Get the metadata returned with the last proto response. If a metadata type was provided, then
    the return value will be of that type - otherwise, the return value will be of type Any. If
    no metadata object is available, returns null.

    • return mixed The metadata returned from the server in the last response.
    public getName()

    Get the formatted name of the operation

    • return string The formatted name of the operation
    public getOperationsClient()
    • return OperationsClient The OperationsClient object used to make requests to the operations API.
    public getResult()

    Return the result of the operation. If operationSucceeded() is false, return null.

    • return mixed|null The result of the operation, or null if operationSucceeded() is false
    public isDone()

    Check whether the operation has completed.

    • return bool
    public operationFailed()

    Check whether the operation failed. If the operation is not complete, or if the operation
    succeeded, return false.

    • return bool
    public operationSucceeded()

    Check whether the operation completed successfully. If the operation is not complete, or if the operation
    failed, return false.

    • return bool
    public pollUntilComplete( $options = [])

    Poll the server in a loop until the operation is complete.

    Return true if the operation completed, otherwise return false. If the
    $options['totalPollTimeoutMillis'] setting is not set (or set <= 0) then
    pollUntilComplete will continue polling until the operation completes,
    and therefore will always return true.

    public reload()

    Reload the status of the operation with a request to the service.

    protected getCurrentTimeMillis()

    Protected to allow overriding for tests

    • return float Current time in milliseconds
    protected sleepMillis( $millis)

    Protected to allow overriding for tests

      private $defaultPollSettings
      private $deleted
      private $lastProtoResponse
      private $metadataReturnType
      private $operationName
      private $operationReturnType
      private $operationsClient
      private poll(callable $pollCallable, array $options)
      • return bool
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