A collection of elements retrieved using one or more API calls. The collection will attempt to retrieve a fixed number of elements, and will make API calls until that fixed number is reached, or there are no more elements to retrieve.

public __construct( $initialPage, $collectionSize)
FixedSizeCollection constructor.

    public getCollectionSize()
    Returns the number of elements in the collection. This will be equal to the collectionSize parameter used at construction unless there are no elements remaining to be retrieved.

    • return int
    public getIterator()
    Returns an iterator over the elements of the collection.

    • return Generator
    public getNextCollection()
    Retrieves the next FixedSizeCollection using one or more API calls.

    public getNextPageToken()
    Returns a page token that can be passed into the API list method to retrieve additional elements.

    • return string
    public hasNextCollection()
    Returns true if there are more elements that can be retrieved from the API.

    • return bool
    public iterateCollections()
    Returns an iterator over FixedSizeCollections, starting with this and making API calls as required until all of the elements have been retrieved.

    • return Generator|\FixedSizeCollection[]
    private $collectionSize
    private $pageList
    private static createPageArray( $initialPage, $collectionSize)

    • return Page[]
    private getLastPage()
    private static createPageArray( $initialPage, $collectionSize)

    • return Page[]
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