Class ForwardingServerStreamingCall wraps a \Grpc\ServerStreamingCall.

  • experimental
public Google\ApiCore\Transport\Grpc\ForwardingCall::__construct( $innerCall)

ForwardingCall constructor.

    public Google\ApiCore\Transport\Grpc\ForwardingCall::cancel()

    Cancels the call.

    public Google\ApiCore\Transport\Grpc\ForwardingCall::getMetadata()
    • return mixed The metadata sent by the server
    public Google\ApiCore\Transport\Grpc\ForwardingCall::getPeer()
    • return string The URI of the endpoint
    public getStatus()

    Wait for the server to send the status, and return it.

    • return stdClass The status object, with integer $code, string $details, and array $metadata members
    public Google\ApiCore\Transport\Grpc\ForwardingCall::getTrailingMetadata()
    • return mixed The trailing metadata sent by the server
    public responses()
    • return mixed An iterator of response values
    protected Google\ApiCore\Transport\Grpc\ForwardingCall::$innerCall
    • var AbstractCall
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