Middleware which filters the $options array.

public __construct(callable $nextHandler, array $permittedOptions)
public __invoke(Google\ApiCore\Call $call, array $options)
private $nextHandler

  • var callable
private $permittedOptions

  • var array
private arrayFilterRemoveNull(array $arr)
Just like array_filter(), but preserves falsey values except null.

  • return array
private isAssoc(array $arr)
Determine whether given array is associative.

  • return bool
private pluck( $key, array $arr, $isRequired = true)
Pluck a value out of an array.

  • return mixed|null
  • throws InvalidArgumentException
private pluckArray(array $keys, $arr)
Pluck a subset of an array.

  • return array
private subsetArray(array $keys, $arr)
Return a subset of an array, like pluckArray, without modifying the original array.

  • return array
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