Error codes related to project config validations are deprecated since the quota controller methods do not perform these validations. Instead services have to call the Check method, without quota_properties field, to perform these validations before calling the quota controller methods. These methods check only for project deletion to be wipe out compliant.

Protobuf type google.api.servicecontrol.v1.QuotaError.Code

public Google\Api\Servicecontrol\V1\QuotaError\Code::API_KEY_EXPIRED = 112
Specified API Key has expired.

Generated from protobuf enum API_KEY_EXPIRED = 112;

public Google\Api\Servicecontrol\V1\QuotaError\Code::API_KEY_INVALID = 105
Specified API key is invalid.

Generated from protobuf enum API_KEY_INVALID = 105;

public Google\Api\Servicecontrol\V1\QuotaError\Code::BILLING_NOT_ACTIVE = 107
Consumer cannot access the service because the service requires active billing.

Generated from protobuf enum BILLING_NOT_ACTIVE = 107;

public Google\Api\Servicecontrol\V1\QuotaError\Code::PROJECT_DELETED = 108
Consumer's project has been marked as deleted (soft deletion).

Generated from protobuf enum PROJECT_DELETED = 108;

public Google\Api\Servicecontrol\V1\QuotaError\Code::RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED = 8
Quota allocation failed.

Same as [google.rpc.Code.RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED][].

Generated from protobuf enum RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED = 8;

public Google\Api\Servicecontrol\V1\QuotaError\Code::UNSPECIFIED = 0
This is never used.

Generated from protobuf enum UNSPECIFIED = 0;

public static name( $value)
public static value( $name)
private static $valueToName
private static $valueToName
public static name( $value)
public static value( $name)
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