Reference set associated to a repository.

public __construct( $repository)

    public count()

    • return int
    • see \Countable
    public createBranch( $name, $commitHash)
    public createTag( $name, $commitHash)
    public delete( $fullname)
    public get( $fullname)
    Returns a reference, by name.

    public getAll()

    • return array An associative array with fullname as key (refs/heads/master, refs/tags/0.1)
    public getBranch( $name)

    • return Branch
    public getBranches()
    Returns all branches.

    • return array
    public getFirstBranch()
    public getIterator()

    • see \IteratorAggregate
    public getLocalBranches()
    Returns all locales branches.

    • return array
    public getRemoteBranch( $name)

    • return Branch
    public getRemoteBranches()
    Returns all remote branches.

    • return array
    public getTag( $name)

    • return Tag
    public getTags()
    Returns all tags.

    • return array
    public has( $fullname)
    public hasBranch( $name)
    public hasBranches()
    public hasRemoteBranch( $name)
    public hasTag( $name)
    public resolve( $hash)

    • return array An array of references
    public resolveBranches( $hash)

    • return array An array of Branch objects
    public resolveTags( $hash)

    • return array An array of Tag objects
    public update(Gitonomy\Git\Reference $reference)
    protected $branches
    List with all branches.

    • var array
    protected $initialized
    A boolean indicating if the bag is already initialized.

    • var bool
    protected $references
    Associative array of fullname references.

    • var array
    protected $repository
    Repository object.

    protected $tags
    List with all tags.

    • var array
    protected initialize()
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