public __construct(Gitonomy\Git\Repository $repository, $revisions = NULL, $paths = NULL, $offset = NULL, $limit = NULL)

Instanciates a git log object.

  • param \Repository $repository the repository where log occurs
  • param \RevisionList|\Revision|array|null $revisions a list of revisions or null if you want all history
  • param array $paths paths to filter on
  • param int|null $offset start list from a given position
  • param int|null $limit limit number of fetched elements
public count()
  • see \Countable
  • attribute ReturnTypeWillChange
public countCommits()

Count commits, without offset or limit.

  • return int
public getCommits()
  • return \Commit[]
public getDiff()
  • return \Diff
public getIterator()
  • see \IteratorAggregate
  • attribute ReturnTypeWillChange
public getLimit()
  • return int
public getOffset()
  • return int
public getPaths()
  • return array
public getRevisions()
  • return \RevisionList
public getSingleCommit()
  • return \Commit
public setLimit( $limit)
  • param int $limit
public setOffset( $offset)
  • param int $offset
protected $limit = NULL
  • var int
protected $offset = NULL
  • var int
protected $paths = NULL
  • var array
protected $repository = NULL
  • var \Repository
protected $revisions = NULL
  • var null|\RevisionList
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