Representation of a tag reference.

public Gitonomy\Git\Reference::__construct(Gitonomy\Git\Repository $repository, $revision, $commitHash = NULL)
public Gitonomy\Git\Reference::delete()
public getBodyMessage()

Return the body message.

public getCommit()

Returns the actual commit associated with the tag, and not the hash of the tag if annotated.

public Gitonomy\Git\Reference::getCommitHash()
public Gitonomy\Git\Reference::getFullname()
public getGPGSignature()

Return the GPG signature.

public Gitonomy\Git\Reference::getLastModification( $path = NULL)
public Gitonomy\Git\Revision::getLog( $paths = NULL, $offset = NULL, $limit = NULL)
public getMessage()

Returns the message of the commit.

public getName()
public Gitonomy\Git\Revision::getRepository()
public Gitonomy\Git\Revision::getRevision()
public getSubjectMessage()

Returns the subject message (the first line).

public getTaggerDate()

Returns the authoring date.

public getTaggerEmail()

Returns the comitter email.

public getTaggerName()

Returns the tagger name.

public isAnnotated()

Check if tag is annotated.

public isSigned()

Check whether tag is signed.

protected Gitonomy\Git\Reference::$commitHash
protected $data
protected Gitonomy\Git\Revision::$repository
protected Gitonomy\Git\Revision::$revision
private getData( $name)
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