Representation of a tag reference.

public Gitonomy\Git\Reference::__construct(Gitonomy\Git\Repository $repository, $revision, $commitHash = NULL)
public Gitonomy\Git\Reference::delete()
  • return void
public getBodyMessage()

Return the body message.

  • return string The body message
public getCommit()

Returns the actual commit associated with the tag, and not the hash of the tag if annotated.

  • return Commit
public Gitonomy\Git\Reference::getCommitHash()
  • return string
public Gitonomy\Git\Reference::getFullname()
  • return string
public getGPGSignature()

Return the GPG signature.

  • return string The GPG signature
public Gitonomy\Git\Reference::getLastModification( $path = NULL)
  • return Commit
public Gitonomy\Git\Revision::getLog( $paths = NULL, $offset = NULL, $limit = NULL)
  • return Log
public getMessage()

Returns the message of the commit.

  • return string A tag message
public getName()
public Gitonomy\Git\Revision::getRepository()
  • return Repository
public Gitonomy\Git\Revision::getRevision()
  • return string
public getSubjectMessage()

Returns the subject message (the first line).

  • return string The subject message
public getTaggerDate()

Returns the authoring date.

  • return DateTime A time object
public getTaggerEmail()

Returns the comitter email.

  • return string An email
public getTaggerName()

Returns the tagger name.

  • return string A name
public isAnnotated()

Check if tag is annotated.

  • return bool
public isSigned()

Check whether tag is signed.

  • return bool
protected Gitonomy\Git\Reference::$commitHash
protected $data
protected Gitonomy\Git\Revision::$repository
  • var Repository
protected Gitonomy\Git\Revision::$revision
  • var string
private getData( $name)
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