namespace Example;

class SelectAutoComplete extends Page

	public function __construct()

		$this->addBody(new \PHPFUI\Header('Select Auto Complete State Example'));

		$this->addBody('If you have a lot of selections, then a <b>SelectAutoComplete</b> offers a drop in replacement for a <b>Select</b>, but a better user experience than selecting from a huge list. ');
		$this->addBody(new \PHPFUI\Link('http://' . $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] . '/states.tsv', 'Data Source'));
		$form = new \PHPFUI\Form($this);
		$select = new \Example\View\State($this, 'state', 'Pick a USA State');
		$select->setToolTip('Start typing to find a state by name or abbreviation');
		$form->add(new \PHPFUI\Submit('Save', 'save'));



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